Sunny-sid3up Invests in the education of children in Sri-Lanka

Sunny-Side Up English School will hold a charity sponsored ‘Open Day.’ The event includes English lesson demos in grammar, phonology, song and vocabulary games. Students in the Welipenna area and their families are all welcome to attend the event and enquire about our FREE English classes – all course fees, books, tuition and Cambridge Certification exams provided to those students who meet our criteria for support. Gifts and refreshments will be provided throughout the afternoon. See you on the day!

Will keep everyone posted on todays open day


Glasgow Hearts Football Sponsorship


They are a small voluntary  organisation set up in 2015 to use football as a vehicle to provide hope and opportunity for men of all ages faced with challenges associated with homeless and social exclusion – challenges such as lack of self-esteem, physical/mental health issues, addictions, etc. We help them to face up to and overcome these challenges through taking positive action and having fun.

We have a totally open-door policy and seek to be totally inclusive, respectful and understanding of each individual’s personal problems and circumstances, while respecting confidentiality at all times. We allow players to come and go as they please and do not impose time limits or other expectations – we seek only to help inspire people to fulfil their true potential.

We welcome players of all ages from 18+ and levels of fitness, with physical/mental health issues being no barrier to joining in. (We currently have at least one playing member in his mid-50’s.)


We use the power of football training and playing to help motivate, inspire and develop people from all backgrounds to make positive changes in their lives. The success of larger social enterprises within Scotland such as the Homeless World Cup and Street Soccer Scotland has clearly demonstrated that by inspiring people to be all they can be on and off the pitch, this has a positive impact on people’s motivation for life and success – ultimately leading to increased confidence, self-esteem and more sustainable lifestyles.

We play on a Sunday afternoon in the Scottish Unity League and normally train 2 times per week at Glasgow Green Park with our training sessions regularly attracting around 30 participants.

We rely almost entirely on voluntary donations from friends and relatives and regularly hold Charity Games to help raise funds for several local homeless charities such as ECHO Glasgow, the official “Help Glasgow’s Homeless”, CCI, etc.


Southside Mini Kickers £625

Southside Mini Kickers:  We gave funding to supply the youngsters with tracksuit tops which have our sunny-sid3up logo on them, this was given after they successfully raised on their own the monies to purchase the football strips, it’s very important for clubs to try and raise funds for their own activities and fundraise on their own this was very much the case with Southside Football club.


St Marnock Primary School Pollok: £500

St Marnocks Primary were given £500, this was for musical instruments for the children to learn after school and during break times, this brings the children together after the school day to learn new skills and interact with others that they might not normally socialise with, this tuition is provided by 2 of the schools teachers who give up their own time to teach the children how to play the guitar along with other musical instruments.

Broomloan Nursery: Families Connect Programme £2000 Donation

Broomloan Nursery:

Families connect programme is a programme that enables parents/carers to discuss ideas about how to support their children’s learning and provides opportunities to test out activities with the support of trained staff, which can then be used at home. The programme focuses on three key areas

  1. Social and emotional development
  2. Literacy and language development
  3. Numeracy and mathematics.


Our 1st House Build Project Underway



The first social service project of 2018 for Sri Lankan needy is just started with the financial support of Sunnysid3-Up, the construction of two rooms of a house for a poor famiily in urgent need of a shelter Their kadjan thatched temporary house has been collapsed due to heavy rain. I was able to get the volunteers for this worthy cause and construction is in progress day & night by our volunteers. as you can see in these attached photos.Your kind assistance is an opportunity for this famiily and our community to rebuild not only this house but also the friendship snd peace among themselves.A big thank you for all who contributed for this famiily to get a good place to live. i am indebted for all who volunteer for this construction too. A good shelter is a must for dignified living for all human beings. God Bless you all.



5 Pallets Of Sleeping Bags For Glasgow Homeless

This week we took delivery of 5 pallets of sleeping bags to be distributed to Glasgow Homeless, this task will be undertaken with the help of Glasgow City Mission and Simon Community Street Team.

Many Thanks in advance for all the volunteers helping to distribute the sleeping bags.