3 Months Rent Paid…….For Young Family

This week I was fortunate to help a young family who are in need of support from SunnySid3Up. They are the parents of a 2 month old baby girl. The mother has a walking disability which impacts on her ability to take care of the child. The husband picks coconuts and completes general farming work in the local area. He has not been able to work for the past few months due to the heavy monsoon rains. SunnySid3Up have agreed to provide this young family with the opportunity to start a life together. We have paid three months rent for their house and have provided dry-food package to sustain them until they can earn a regular salary. The family are gratefully indebted to our charity and appreciate all that we have done for them in recent weeks. Thanks again to our donors who have enabled this to happen for this disadvantaged family. Our Thankfulness is thankful to you all

Further Aid for the most Vulnerable in Sri-lanka

The latest photos show the devastation of a village that has not yet been reached by government aid workers. I visited the village, which was a 16km walk. No roads lead to the village following the landslides. I visited many families to assess the extent of the damage. Many families have completely lost their homes. One family (parents and three children) was provided with 5 bags of cement, so they can begin the task of rebuilding a home. Another family (parents and two boys) were given money to rent a property to live in until they can start to work on a permanent place to live. I gave 10 bags of cement to a family who also lost their home. During the evacuation another tragedy was endured by this family – the heavily pregnant and very vulnerable mother lost her baby. It is a very an extremely sad and distressing time for this poor family. 500 cement blocks were given to a family with three children in order for them to also rebuild on the foundations of their home. Another family currently live in a mud hut have received immediate provisions of rice and food in order to address their immediate needs. All families received food aid packages as there is nothing else available in the area for them to eat. Thank you so much for the continued donations through fundraising. I am ensuring that aid is received to those in the most desperate need. We will continue to focus on this village in the future to ensure they can rebuild their lives

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Further Aid for Sri-Lanka as rain continues

Our thanks goes out again to SunnySid3-Up Charity, the fundraisers in Scotland and throughout the world who have made another generous donation to our relief work here in Sri Lanka following the floods and landslides in the local area. Many people here still remain homeless and need our support to rebuild their lives. We have received funds that have enabled us to buy 800 items of clothing, bed sheets, medicine, bread and bananas for those in most need. Without this emergency donation many people would have no where else to go for immediate support. I will ensure that we will deliver the emergency supplies to those who suffered because of this tragedy. Our sincere appreciation goes out to everyone who has enabled us to continue with the relief effort. Our thankfulness is thankful to you all

Sri-Lanka flooding……Help sent for food and medical supplies

Due to the kindness and generosity of fundraisers with Sunny-Sid3Up in Scotland 150 rice packs, medicine and clothing will be sent to those families most in need following the recent floods and mudslides here in Sri Lanka. The monsoon rains have brought tragedy to many people in local areas who desperately need our help. I will ensure that all the aid will make it to families as soon as possible. Thank you all again for your charity donation