5 Pallets Of Sleeping Bags For Glasgow Homeless

This week we took delivery of 5 pallets of sleeping bags to be distributed to Glasgow Homeless, this task will be undertaken with the help of Glasgow City Mission and Simon Community Street Team.

Many Thanks in advance for all the volunteers helping to distribute the sleeping bags.

100 Food Packs Distributed……..

Nilupul Indika 
13 December ·

·Today I met with 100 families from the local area. The families were from Tamil, Muslim and Buddhist backgrounds. They came to my house and Sunny-Sid3Up project work headquarters to receive packages that contain 5kg of rice, daal, sugar, tea, salt, milk and matches. The families are still suffering from the devastation that the cyclone caused. Thank you kindly for the generosity of those donating to the charity and fundraising in Scotland. Each family will be able to have a much better Christmas and New Year. Merry Christmas to you all.


Cyclone Hits Sri-Lanka

Thanks to the generosity of charity funraisers in Scotland we are able to help five families whose homes were severely damaged by the recent cyclone. Each house lost their roofs and their kitchens were destroyed. The families are Tamil, Muslim, Christian and two Buddhist families. We managed to get 10 iron sheets for each family’s roof. The families are in desperate need of such materials to rebuild their homes. We are all incredibly grateful for your fundraising so we can continue with such vital work in the future for local families of all faiths.

From a Mud Hut to a Breeze Block House……Phase 1

The latest project work I’m responsible for is a result of the very bad monsoon rain we experienced here in Sri Lanka earlier this year. The flooding caused extensive damage to a house in Kaluana. The house belongs to a man called Upali. Upali makes a small income working at the local tea plantation. Within the house live Upali’s wife, his two young daughters (aged sixteen and twelve,) his sister and her three children (two young girls and a young boy.) The house is a traditional mud house. The work that we will carry out is essentially rebuilding the house walls with cement and providing a new roof. The house is in a very inaccessible area, which means that it is very difficult to transport the heavy materials needed to complete the work; such as bags of cement, timber, metal beams etc. We hope that the project work will be completed within 3 weeks, but Sri Lanka is experiencing heavy rains again so it may take longer. Thank you to everyone who has provided the funds to enable this work to be carried out, therefore allowing this family to rebuild their life. I will update the project work with more photos as we complete the work.

Food/Mattress/Pillows and Mosquito Nets for Family in Need

SunnySid3-Up continues on with its charity work with families in need of support in Sri Lanka. The latest work is with a single mother, Kumari, from the rural area of Migahathanana. Kumari has two children, an eight year old girl and a one and a half year old boy. Kumari has little means of financial support or extended family involvement. She has endured extreme hardship throughout her life. Thanks to the fundraising in Scotland we are able to provide Kumari with the basic essentials such as a bed, mattress, pillows, bed sheets, mosquito net, rice and powdered milk for her baby boy as she is too malnourished to feed him. We have supplied her daughter with school provisions too. Kumari is hugely thankful for our support and thoroughly appreciates our intervention to enable her to live a more comfortable life than she has unfortunately endured until now. I will continue to identify families in genuine need of our support and ensure that they receive all the donations from the kind people of Scotland.

Tuesday Friendship Club Get A £500 Boost From Sunny-sid3up



Thank you for your sponsorship of the Tuesday Friendship Club.  


We are a not for profit club providing a social event once per week for adults with learning disabilities and additional support needs.


The club was set up to tackle social isolation; which is a huge factor in the health and well-being of communities. Due to Self Directed Support a lot of people’s budgets have been cut, so for the £2 entry our club aims to offer a buffet, and a range of the activities such as Bingo, raffle, Karaoke, race nights, themed nights, but most of all we encourage friendships between our adults to open them up to new experiences.

Our aims for the Future are simple within the Tuesday Friendship Club:  We aim to continue to provide a well structured social event with a professional service for the members of our club.

We have been unsuccessful in obtaining large funding from Awards for All but have been successful in obtaining local funding and sponsorship from the Columba club of £420 and Sunny-sid3up Charity shop of £500 .  We are also in the process of having a fundraiser which will be a bi-annual event.  This will enable us to raise surplus funds in order to take our members to events throughout the year, hold Halloween parties and Christmas parties that are catered events, plus paying for a Christmas present for each of our members.


We have our Facebook page www.facebook.com/tuesdayfriendshipclub, all of our information regarding our club is on there.  We have photographs of our nights for you to have a look at.


If you would like to know any further information please get in touch with myself Mags Monaghan 07876 111 806or write to me at the above address.

3 Months Rent Paid…….For Young Family

This week I was fortunate to help a young family who are in need of support from SunnySid3Up. They are the parents of a 2 month old baby girl. The mother has a walking disability which impacts on her ability to take care of the child. The husband picks coconuts and completes general farming work in the local area. He has not been able to work for the past few months due to the heavy monsoon rains. SunnySid3Up have agreed to provide this young family with the opportunity to start a life together. We have paid three months rent for their house and have provided dry-food package to sustain them until they can earn a regular salary. The family are gratefully indebted to our charity and appreciate all that we have done for them in recent weeks. Thanks again to our donors who have enabled this to happen for this disadvantaged family. Our Thankfulness is thankful to you all