Donation to Loaves and Fishes of £500

Thanks to Gala Bingo Clydebank and there Donation of £500 Sunny-sid3up handed over a cheque to Loves and Fishes to help feed the homeless of Glasgow.

I met up with Denis Curran and had the pleasure of spending about an hour with him, listening to his stories from over the years and the experiences he has had on the streets of Glasgow. I listened to him talk to a group of people prior to eating and the Inspirational words that he used even made me think!! Please visit there website and read there story too,

What do they do……………………………………

Loaves & Fishes

Loaves and Fishes is a registered Scottish charity established for more than 20 years

We started out as a soup kitchen, feeding homeless people from the back of a van. We moved indoors for the first time in 2003, where we were able to provide greater comfort, warmth and a less hostile atmosphere for the people we help. Today we’re based at Renfield St Stephen’s Church Centre in Glasgow.


Indika invites poor for Christmas Dinner

By this time Scotland Sunny – Sid3up have done great charity in Sri Lanka . Today is organized to food for poor people and it was very happy moment for people. So I know , that way of Chris Feeny’s way. Today We memorize Our lovely brother Chris. So people said thanks very much for Scotland Sunny- Sid3up and wish for Marry Christmas!
Again I said thanks your so much who helped everyone in Scotland and wish to Marry Christmas and happy new year in 2017.

£500 towards Malawi Project……

Sunny-sid3up has donated £500 towards the cost of sending Eryn Hood from Hollyrood Secondary School to Malawi, Erin has been selected to go to Malawi but has to raise £1900 towards the cost of her trip. When there the  selected students will be split between  four sites and complete the following.


Build an additional classroom block.

Decorate and make stimulating 2 classroom blocks in dire need of renovation.

For Mary’s Meals:

Renovate an under 6 centre of their choice for children “at risk”


A school in dire need of support, many classes are taught outdoors. We hope to build a further classroom block here.

Zingwangwa Primary School:

We aim to decorate the new classroom built this year and renovate a further block in this urban school.


Even small things make a big difference……..

This week we purchased carpets and got them fitted to a local woman’s home, even the small things make a big difference. Can you imagine Christmas Day with your small children and not even carpets to walk on. We at Sunny-sid3up want to help and without your support things like this would not happen.

£1000 For the less fortunate this Christmas……

Today we purchased £1000 worth of grocery gift vouchers which will be handed out to families this Christmas. Throughout the course of the week ahead we will hand these vouchers out to families who will struggle to put a meal on the table this Christmas, these vouchers will go towards buying food for over the Christmas period. It’s hard to believe that in this day and age there will be families out there that will not eat a hot meal this Christmas, we hope this will help in a small way for the individuals to have a better Christmas Day.

Thank You…………………………

Without the help of Indika who lives in Welipenna, Sri-Lanka we would not be able to do the projects we do, as some of you may know Indika was a friend of Chris’s and Sri- Lanka was a big part of Chris’s life, through Indika Chris’s work will carry on and the people who need it most will be supported by Sunny-sid3up. I have had the pleasure of meeting Indika during my visits to Sri-Lanka and you could not find a more genuine person who wants to help the poor people of his country, he is a selfless person who would always put others before himself.

I would just like to thank him for everything he has done for Sunny-sid3up