Sunny-sid3up help Old man and put roof over his head……

At this time Scotland Sunny- sid3up did lot charity work in Sri Lanka. Next one is hope to help old man. He is spending poor life. His stay very old house and unsafely roof. This not his property. But he always spending there. Because of that,Scotland Sunny- sid3up decide repair this house. I couldn’t said that story but I stared work. Now danger roof are remove and fix new roof. That great work. Dangers life is safe by Scotland Sunny-sid3up. Thanks Scotland Sunny-sid3up every worker and volunteer.

Last time Scotland Sunny- Sid3up start to help poor old man in walipanna. sunny -Sid3up finished that work. That old man don’t like to face the Camara but we put face book that all working picture.really he got nice safety house and clean one.We have done new roof,new bed,new cooking place,all house painting, cleaning, before He used put path….Now batter road.thanks so much Scotland Sunny-Sid3up everyone.

Sunny-sid3up Support pre-school concert day

Scotland Sunny-Sid3up first work was per school metal mesh with cover the wall in this year.Again Scotland Tony Feeny going to help for concert day on 11th December 2016. His celebrate his father dad anniversary .Hope to give cool drink,cake, biscuit,banana And poor there child to help with school item.(bag, pencil, shoe,etc) Thank you so mush Scotland Tony feeney’s family and everyone,


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