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Tony Feeney :: Tuesday 6th October 2020 :: Latest Blog Posts

Last month we completed a project in Sri Lanka...

Indika came to me about an old woman who was living in really bad conditions, not only were the conditions bad but the woman's health was not great either. As you look at the pictures you will see the conditions this woman had to live in.

We decided to build a cooking area at the back so she did not have to cook from the ground but now from a raised surface, completely gut her house out by cleaning inside including painting everywhere giving her new bedding and cooking utensils, along with food to keep her going.

We also painted the exterior of the house and brought a whole new meaning to her life she was so grateful and thanked all the volunteers and donors of Sunny-sid3up.

Outside area beforeThe lady herselfRebuildingThe new areaThe repainted house