... to Govan, lbrox and Pollok

Tony Feeney :: Thursday 26th November 2020 :: Latest Blog Posts

This week we have distributed £14,000 worth of food vouchers to various schools in the Govan, lbrox and Pollok areas along with a few other schools within the Glasgow area. These vouchers will go to struggling families which will help them get some much needed food, the recipients of these vouchers will be highlighted within the schools themselves. I have heard some really awful stories of struggling families and children going to school that have not eaten in days.....this is on our own doorsteps. Times were hard when we were growing up but even then l don't remember not eating on a daily basis.
If you would like to donate a £1 or £2 please visit our page www.sunny-sid3up.org were every penny raised will be used the feed hungry children in Glasgow.