Ocean Stars Trust thanks Sunny-sid3up

Tony Feeney :: Thursday 9th September 2021 :: Latest Blog Posts

Ocean Stars Trust would like to extend a massive thank you to Tony Feeney and Sunny-sid3up Charity Shop for their kind and generous support for the work of Ocean Stars Trust since 2019 and for their recent donation towards our work.

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Their support has come during challenging times for the charity with the Easter Sunday bombings of 2019 and the Covid-19 pandemic. This has meant that all our preschool teachers have been able to receive their monthly salaries and our poorer preschools and sponsor children have been able to receive food parcels. Sunny-sid3up has also helped with the refurbishment of Kanchirankudah preschool as well as funding the running of the preschool. Their support for our A Level sponsorship scheme has been invaluable.
During Covid-19 lockdowns and curfews in Sri Lanka our preschools have been on home learning programmes. Thanks to the support of Sunny-sid3up we have been able to provide our preschool children with resources to work from home and not miss out on their vital early years education.
As we celebrate three years of working together we would like to say thank you for your invaluable support for our work empowering children through education in Sri Lanka.