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Tony Feeney :: Thursday 12th January 2017 :: Latest Blog Posts

Thanks to Gala Bingo Clydebank and there Donation of £500 Sunny-sid3up handed over a cheque to Loves and Fishes to help feed the homeless of Glasgow.

I met up with Denis Curran and had the pleasure of spending about an hour with him, listening to his stories from over the years and the experiences he has had on the streets of Glasgow. I listened to him talk to a group of people prior to eating and the inspirational words that he used even made me think!! Please visit there website and read their story too, www.Lovesandfishes.org.uk

Loaves and Fishes, feeding the homeless in Glasgow

What do they do..........................................

Loaves and Fishes Scottish Charity

Loaves and Fishes is a registered Scottish charity established for more than 20 years

We started out as a soup kitchen, feeding homeless people from the back of a van. We moved indoors for the first time in 2003, where we were able to provide greater comfort, warmth and a less hostile atmosphere for the people we help. Today we're based at Renfield St Stephen's Church Centre in Glasgow.