£15000 kitchen for this project

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£15000 Invested in the Children of Glasgow.
Here is the story from Reidvale Adventure Playground.

Reidvale Adventure Playground

Kitchen openingThe Kicthen Funded by Sunny-side UpThe Kicthen Funded by Sunny-side UpThe Kicthen Funded by Sunny-side Up


Reidvale Adventure Play Association Ltd (R.A.P.A) is an inclusive adventure playground facility based in the Dennistoun area in the East End of Glasgow. We offer quality outdoor and indoor play, sport and creative art opportunities to children and young people 0-16yrs including children and young people with physical and sensory impairments. We offer our services to children and young people 6 days and 6 evenings per week – 50 weeks per year. We have been serving the needs of our community for 27 years.

RAPA is situated in a disadvantaged area in the North East End of Glasgow which is in the top 5% of the most deprived areas in Scotland as indicated in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. Many of the children live in tenement flats with no gardens or safe places to play. The area is largely impacted by poverty and hunger, low educational achievement, poor health, health inequalities, high levels of unemployment, coupled with social problems such as mental health issues, family breakdown, domestic abuse and drug and alcohol addiction and an on-going cycle of deprivation affecting many children and young people who access our Playground.
The kind and generous funding award received from Sunny Sid 3 – Up Charity has enabled our Project to offer the children and young people access to a Daily Fruit Programme and Big Chef Little Chef sessions and a fully funded upgraded kitchen area space with all new kitchen appliances and utensils and catering resources where children and young people can now prepare select and eat from a wide range of fruits and food on offer. For many of the children and young people, they did not previously have access to fruit as part of their everyday lives. For many children, their basic needs were not being met and they presented hungry to our playground daily. We identified the need to incorporate fruit and food as a daily activity in a discreet way. Big Chef Little Chef sessions have encouraged children to learn new food prep skills and gain a basic understanding of the need to eat healthy. Children and young people play and engage in outdoor active play and sports and now have daily access to fruit and foods at their sessions as a direct result of funding received from Sunny Sid3- up Charity.
Our aim is to combat the ongoing rising rate of poverty and hunger affecting children and young people which we are now successfully addressing as a direct result of the funding award received which we are truly grateful. As a direct result of the funded programme, we have offered wide ranging practical and lifelong learning opportunities for children and young people to help prevent hunger and assist with addressing health inequalities which will result in an overall improvement to their overall health and wellbeing.

We are fully aware that many attending children and young people to our playground are fending for themselves in regards to feeding themselves (or not in many cases) and do not have access to regular home cooked meals or snacks. We believe our funded sessions have provided a discreet way for us to ensure that children and young people are having access to regular, free nutritious food and fruit daily. Children and young people have gained independence skills in choosing and preparing nutritious snacks and dishes and therefore can apply these learned skills in their everyday lives. Already many children have informed us that they have passed on what they have liked and learned about food and fruit to their parent/s and siblings.

To date 60 -80 children and young people per day/ evening are benefitting hugely from our Fruit and Food Programme and numbers are increasing due to need.

To help us evaluate the success of our daily Fruit Programme and Big Chef Little Chef Programme, the children and young people completed a weekly Food For Thought Evaluation Form to gather their feedback, likes, dislikes and their evolving needs etc. We also gathered personal statements from children and young people about their experiences at the sessions and also what they would like incorporated or changed at the sessions. This process assists Playwork staff with forward planning of ongoing future sessions. Information gathered by these sources of evaluation has allowed a comprehensive report back to yourself as a Funding Donor and highlights the positive differences made, successes achieved and we can also clearly identify the positive impact and achieved outcomes for the children and young people and staff and Volunteer staff taking part as a direct result of the funding award received.

I am extremley overwhelmed with your kind funding award and the practical support offered by SunnySid3-up Charity in achieving our aim to address poverty and hunger in young people attending our Project a reality for many.

We fully recognise that active play, adventure play and all outdoor activity in all weathers promotes overall health and wellbeing. We have now achieved further opportunity to compliment this by being able to offer children and young people a food and fruit for fuel approach to all of the children and young people who attend daily.

I would also like to thank you for your kind donation for the upgrade of our Sensory Play room at the Project.

I have included personal children and young people statements, a Playworker staff statement and a Child case Study for your information.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your Board members and Volunteer staff for supporting our ongoing work with children and young people in enabling them to achieve great things and reach their fullest potential in their lives.

We have formed a very special partnership with Sunny Sid3-up Charity.
Thank you

Child and young people's statements:

"I love being a Little Chef at RAPA. It is the best and I get to eat the fruit and food everyday!

"I get full up every day with all the stuff I eat". "I know how to cook food now so I can show my mum how to make good dinners"

"I love the new kitchen at RAPA.. it looks cool and I feel like I'm the chef fae the telly now."

"I've never seen as much fruit ever before.. I didnae know what some of them wiz but the Big Chef told me so I tried it. I'd never tried watermelon or melon before but it's juicy and good".

"The people who gave all of this stuff are so kind".

Playworker staff – (Big Chef) statement

"As a Playworker staff - Big Chef at the sessions, it is amazing to see the children running into our playground and putting on their Little Chef hats and aprons and desperate to get involved at the food and fruit sessions. I also observed many children had no experience of preparing or cooking prior to our Big Chef Little Chef sessions. Many children and young people didn't know names of basic fruit as we would know as 'basic' which is really sad. But they know now! As a result of these hugely successful sessions, children have gained many skills in food preparation, cooking and serving to others. Many children have told me they now want to be chefs when they are bigger, they are now cooking at home for their wee brothers and sisters and overall they love that they can eat a 'yummy hot meal and have access to selection of fruit every day when they come in to play at RAPA.
Being able to food prep and carry out our sessions in our brand new kitchen is an amazing experience. It is so spacious, clean and very modern." Thank you to the kind and generous funder who made our aim for children and young people a reality".

Case study – Child B (age 8 years)
Child B has attended the playground for the past year. Child B has many friends in the playground who on occasion tell the Playworkers that they have given Child B some sweets and shared their crisps with him as 'he doesn't have anything ever to eat with him' and 'he doesn't have any money to go to the shops'.

At the first session of Big Chef Little Chef, Child B was very reluctant to take part. He took on an observer role initially by watching his friends take part.
Child B's friends were encouraging him to take part and asked him 'come on and try this'. Child B says 'Na I'm no hungry' and 'I don't eat food or fruit' to which is friends replied 'if you don't eat any food or fruit then how come you're no starving then'.

Child B didn't reply and continued to watch his friends taking part. He refused to try any of the food or fruit on offer or take part. When his friends had made up their dish and eating what they had made Child B says quietly to one child 'Gony gie me a bit' and the child replied loudly 'No, go and make your ane then'. Child B then approached a Playworker Big Chef and says 'Can I get some of that food but I'm no starving or anything'.

The Playworker Big Chef assisted Child B in plating up some of the hot pot and sliced fruits. He quietly asked the Playworker if could he take his home as he would eat if after. The Playworker suggested that he could eat it just now if he wanted as there would also be plenty left for him to take home in a snack bag to eat later. Child B whispered again to the Playworker and said 'Could you give me some food and fruit for my wee brother too cos my mum's nae money and he would like some of that for his dinner as I don't want to eat mine in front of him when he's no got anything. He also whispered and says 'it's pure embarrassing cos all ma pals have got money and go to the shops when they are here and I've nain and I don't want to keep looking like a pure tramp, but they dae share their stuff with me sometimes but I usually say naw'.

The Playworker suggested Child B should join in at the Fruit and Food sessions with his friends and have fun making food and eating fruit for him to try and he could also take a snack bag away with him at the end of each session. Child B now attends every Big Chef Little Chef session and has told our Big Chefs that 'these fruit and food sessions are the best ever at RAPA says ' I am so happy you have them on everyday!'