...to some of the most vulnerable families in Sri Lanka...

Tony Feeney :: Sunday 24th February 2019 :: Latest Blog Posts

Ocean Stars delivers in Partnership with Sunny-sid3up.

Ocean Star Trust this week delivered 100 food packs containing Rice 10kg, powdered milk, salt, tea, spices and sugar to carefully selected families within various areas in the North East Area. These families are amongst the poorest within the area's selected. Sunny-sid3up over the past 5 years has delivered 1000s of these packs again to carefully selected families. Sunny-sid3up has formed a partnership with Ocean Star Trust to deliver these parcels to those most in need, I personally over the years have visited Sri Lanka and distributed these packs myself which for me was a very rewarding and humbling experience, one I will never forget. Now Dilanee is doing the same with her team of volunteers and experiencing the same emotions I did when I distributed them myself.

I would like to thank Dilanee and her team in Sri Lanka for making this happen and look forward to a continued partnership in delivering the essentials for the families in Sri Lanka.

Many Thanks from everyone at Sunny-sid3up

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