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Tony Feeney :: Sunday 30th June 2019 :: Latest Blog Posts

RAPA play in glasgowAs you may know we invested over £20,000 last year to RAPA who do an amazing job in the Dennistoun area of Glasgow, here is an update I received from them as to the benefits this Donation has had on our kids.


I am writing to provide you with an update on the benefits of our new kitchen upgrade and daily Fruit Programme that you kindly supported and fully funded at our Playground.

As you are aware, we continue to offer disadvantaged children and young people access to fresh fruit and food daily as part of our Big Chef Little Chef Programme at the playground. The new kitchen is absolutely amazing and has enabled us to offer children and young people group sessions in baking and food preparation daily in our spacious new kitchen.
The range of new kitchen resources, appliances and utensils are also hugely beneficial as children can access a wide range of food and cooking preparation materials as part of their Food and Fruit programme.

The kitchen is also hugely beneficial to Playworker staff who facilitate the sessions for the children.

Children have made many quick and easy food dishes such as pizza, omelettes, toasties, paninis, soup, spaghetti bolognese, filled wraps and much more which has been amazing. They love the whole experience of learning to make quick and easy meals and snacks and can access the food they make. Our Big Chef Little Chef programme is a discreet way for us to address hunger poverty as part of the children's play day at our playground.

Staff also has access to a clean, modern and inviting kitchen to have their dinner and evening breaks which creates a positive time out and relaxing space for them following the completion of their work with children and young people.
Crucially, the kitchen upgrade that you kindly fully funded has also enabled me to secure ongoing funding awards for food required for the continuation of our Big Chef Little Food Programme. This is hugely important to us to ensure that we can continue to address hunger poverty that is impacting on so many children and young people who attend our playground on a daily basis.

We have supported 80-100 children children per day who have had access to our daily fruit and food programme at our playground.

The Fruit programme has been a massive success. Children and young people have had daily access to a wide range of fresh fruits. Sadly, for many children and young people they have not had experience of fresh fruits been freely available to them in their lives. Children have also prepared their own fruit kebabs and fruit smoothies. Their overall favourite is small cups of a diced fruit selection offering them fruit cocktail cups with spoons which they absolutely love. These are on offer for the children and young people each play session day and evening at the playground.

Our new partnership formed with Glasgow Fruit Market has ensured excellent service and regular smooth delivery of the fruit to the playground.

Overall, the achievements and positive impact for children and young people would not have been possible without the kindness of your donation for the full upgrade of our kitchen and our daily fruit programme

I am totally delighted with what we have been able to achieve as a direct result of support from Sunny-sid3up charity to our playground.

I hope my update report helps to inform you of the positive outcomes we have achieved as result of your overwhelming support.

Thank you so much
Kindest Regards

Ann Marie

Ann Marie Todd
Project Manager