Sunny-Sid3 Up Invests in the education of children in Sri-Lanka

Tony Feeney :: Thursday 1st August 2019 :: Latest Blog Posts

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Over the course of this year Sunny-sid3up will fund Ocean Stars Trust by donating £20,000 to deliver education to the children in areas were no education exist.

OST now manages 20 preschools across the country and provides education for 600 children, aged between 3 and 6.

The schools have all been developed in areas where, previously, no educational opportunities existed.

As you might be aware Sunny-sid3up opened a school in Sri Lanka last your but due to circumstances beyond our control we had to pull the teacher out of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka will always be part of Sunny-sid3up and how it was founded.

If you would like to help Ocean Stars by giving the gift or school equipment, snacks or uniform you can do do through their shop. At the beginning of every year, OST provide a uniform, and a back pack for each of the children attending their schools.Teachers receive an Ocean Stars sari as their 'uniform' for work. 

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Some of the other education projects we have been involved in in Sri Lanka:

Over 100 food packs to families to help support them through this difficult year.

Sunny-Sid3 Up English School  charity sponsored 'Open Day'

Sponsoring a family of three in their education