Supporting homeless and groups who support vulnerable adults

Tony Feeney :: Friday 1st June 2018 :: Latest Blog Posts

As well as purchasing sleeping bags for homeless people in Glasgow, Sunny-Sid3 Up also support groups which help vulnerable people in our community.

Do you know a project which needs our support? Contact us to apply.

Apply to our FundHere are more details about some of the projects we have been involved with:

Loaves and Fishes

Thanks to Gala Bingo Clydebank and the donation of £500 Sunny-sid3up handed over a cheque to Loves and Fishes to help feed the homeless of Glasgow.

Glasgow City Mission

Sunny-Sid3 Up donated £500 for sleeping bags for the homeless in Glasgow.

Tuesday Friendship Club

Sunny-Sid3 Up supported the Tuesday Friendship Club with a donation of £500.

The club a not for profit club providing a social event once per week for adults with learning disabilities and additional support needs. It was set up to tackle social isolation; which is a huge factor in the health and well-being of communities. Due to Self Directed Support a lot of people's budgets have been cut, so for the £2 entry the club aims to offer a buffet, and a range of the activities such as Bingo, raffle, Karaoke, race nights, themed nights, but most of all they encourage friendships between our adults to open them up to new experiences.