Supporting homeless and groups who support vulnerable adults

Tony Feeney :: Thursday 1st October 2020 :: Latest Blog Posts

As well as purchasing sleeping bags for homeless people in Glasgow, Sunny-Sid3 Up also support groups which help vulnerable people in our community.

Do you know a project which needs our support? Contact us to apply.

Apply to our FundHere are more details about some of the projects we have been involved with:

Men Matter in Drumchapel

A cheque for £2000 to this amazing charity working for better Mental Health Awareness.

Golden Friendships

Golden Friendships have been given a cheque for £1500


This week we delivered a load of toiletries, cleaning products and baby items to H4TH Help for the homeless, who will distribute it on our behalf to struggling families in the Glasgow and surrounding areas. H4TH do an amazing job daily helping the most vulnerable.

Loaves and Fishes

Thanks to Gala Bingo Clydebank and the donation of £500 Sunny-sid3up handed over a cheque to Loves and Fishes to help feed the homeless of Glasgow.

Glasgow City Mission

Sunny-Sid3 Up donated £500 for sleeping bags for the homeless in Glasgow.

Tuesday Friendship Club

Sunny-Sid3 Up supported the Tuesday Friendship Club with a donation of £500.

The club a not for profit club providing a social event once per week for adults with learning disabilities and additional support needs. It was set up to tackle social isolation; which is a huge factor in the health and well-being of communities. Due to Self Directed Support a lot of people's budgets have been cut, so for the £2 entry the club aims to offer a buffet, and a range of the activities such as Bingo, raffle, Karaoke, race nights, themed nights, but most of all they encourage friendships between our adults to open them up to new experiences.