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Tony Feeney :: Friday 1st September 2017 :: Latest Blog Posts

The latest project work I'm responsible for is a result of the very bad monsoon rain we experienced here in Sri Lanka earlier this year. The flooding caused extensive damage to a house in Kaluana. The house belongs to a man called Upali. Upali makes a small income working at the local tea plantation.

Within the house live Upali's wife, his two young daughters (aged sixteen and twelve,) his sister and her three children (two young girls and a young boy.) The house is a traditional mud house. The work that we will carry out is essentially rebuilding the house walls with cement and providing a new roof. The house is in a very inaccessible area, which means that it is very difficult to transport the heavy materials needed to complete the work; such as bags of cement, timber, metal beams etc. We hope that the project work will be completed within 3 weeks, but Sri Lanka is experiencing heavy rains again so it may take longer. Thank you to everyone who has provided the funds to enable this work to be carried out, therefore allowing this family to rebuild their life. I will update the project work with more photos as we complete the work.

Flooding caused extensive damage to a house in Kaluana, Sri LankaUpaliProviding a new roof